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I'm Ashley.
I'm 22 and I am an illustrator and a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts.
I am a Pisces, an INFJ, and I stan for FFIX so hard. No shame.
In this blog you can expect to see whatever I feel like posting because I decided it's too hard to try and categorize this thing further than "inspiring art and badass clothing mixed with politics".
My favorite things are books and painting, and I love music of most any kind though lately I have been especially addicted to Nightwish and Loreena McKennitt.
I also have an art blog, which can be found at
Feel free to check it out, promote me, and what have you.
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Meet Romero. He is the team’s resident grumpy, unhappy healer guy. After his Adult Aptitude test, he showed great promise in Growth and Restoration sub bureau of Science, and he became one of the heads of that bureau when Queen Zahira made the petition to make it separate from Science. Though he’s never particularly enjoyed his job, Zahira convinced him to stick with it, and he did at her request. He might’ve had a crush on Zahira back then, and even now he shows a lot of fondness for her, a lot of depressed emotions at her disappearance, especially because she introduced him to his current wife. Ain considers Romero somewhat of her uncle, and Romero considers Neelu, Zahira and Ain his main family.

He’s got a quick temper and rarely bothers with tact. He’s also got one hell of a swearing mouth, which he, perhaps unfortunately, passes on to Ain very shortly after they start their adventure together.

As far as Romero’s likes, his favorite things are probably his large collection of books of fighting styles, armor, and warrior stories, and directly after that would be his love of fashion, clothing, and expressing himself through those. Though he doesn’t get to express it while on the road, during his free time he’s constantly making himself and his wife clothes. He does like to embellish on simple clothing if possible, and time willing. He’s an avid reader, and likes learning new types of creation and building. His house on the Sixth Plane, which he shares with his wife, is full of all sorts of grandiose crafts, some as large as entire rooms.

His favorite thing about inhabiting Third Level bodies is the food and drink. He’s got a pretty intense eating habit, something that also manages to pass itself to Ain along the course of their journeys.

The concept needs a couple of clothing edits. Stay tuned for updates.

I really like this design.

Nerds and Male Privilege



This article is fantastic. And so is this comment:


Nobody wants to believe that if given power, they’ll use it badly. Especially when they’ve been attacked by those with power earlier in life. In other words, nobody wants to think when a ship full of their friends crash on a desert island, they’ll end up as Piggy holding the conch shell.

Bit of an obscure metaphor for some, but I think that’s really the heart of the matter. (And it doesn’t just apply to nerd boys.) I really like hearing people thinking about this stuff.

Good article. As a chick who enjoys nerdy pursuits I like seeing people - strike that - men, talking about this issue.

Brilliant article. Plus it’s so good to see men writing/talking about this type of stuff. Seriously.