***This blog can sometimes be very NSFW***
I'm Ashley.
I'm 22 and I am an illustrator and a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts.
I am a Pisces, an INFJ, and I stan for FFIX so hard. No shame.
In this blog you can expect to see whatever I feel like posting because I decided it's too hard to try and categorize this thing further than "inspiring art and badass clothing mixed with politics".
My favorite things are books and painting, and I love music of most any kind though lately I have been especially addicted to Nightwish and Loreena McKennitt.
I also have an art blog, which can be found at
Feel free to check it out, promote me, and what have you.
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Getting pulled into in-scene fighting, part deux.

Eldergoth: Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ, its you again.

Cybergoth: I didn't see your name on this restaurante.

Eldergoth: My name is Denny.

Cybergoth: ...

Denny: <~ See?

Cybergoth: Oh, fuck you. Hey, you're reading A Season in Hell! I love Rimbaud!

Denny: You do?

Cybergoth: Yeah, he's almost as good as Stephanie Myers!

Eldergoth: /GASP!

Cybergoth: Kidding! It's a joke, don't swallow your Clove! See? We have loves and hates in common.

Eldergoth: Well... could you not call your sad techno "goth music"? I think it would help us move forward in our love/hate relationship. Gothic Rock is an actual genre, with specific qualities from a specific period of time; you could possibly include Death Rock, Post Punk, Horror Punk, or Dark Wave but not Electrifying Bowl Movements.

Cybergoth: That's not what EBM stands for, and you know it. Our music has its roots in yours; Its just more evolved.

Eldergoth: No. Goth was begotten by Glam and Punk, not those bald guys in VNV Nation.

Cybergoth: Well what about Depe-

Eldergoth: /GASP!

Cybergoth: che

Eldergoth: DON'T you claim them, you WHORE!

Cybergoth: Mmmm-

Eldergoth: Don't you finish that French phrase!

Cybergoth: Ooooooooooooo-

Eldergoth: By Lucifer's beard! I'm going to write SUCH a poem about you!

Cybergoth: I'll troll your blog.