Finished my cyberlox falls, they’re way more fun than my foam and yarn ones. Super bouncy.

The the fairy kei kandi crown was made for me by the super sweet Dreamiesweets Amber (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002423279141)

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  • Eldergoth: Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ, its you again.
  • Cybergoth: I didn't see your name on this restaurante.
  • Eldergoth: My name is Denny.
  • Cybergoth: ...
  • Denny: <~ See?
  • Cybergoth: Oh, fuck you. Hey, you're reading A Season in Hell! I love Rimbaud!
  • Denny: You do?
  • Cybergoth: Yeah, he's almost as good as Stephanie Myers!
  • Eldergoth: /GASP!
  • Cybergoth: Kidding! It's a joke, don't swallow your Clove! See? We have loves and hates in common.
  • Eldergoth: Well... could you not call your sad techno "goth music"? I think it would help us move forward in our love/hate relationship. Gothic Rock is an actual genre, with specific qualities from a specific period of time; you could possibly include Death Rock, Post Punk, Horror Punk, or Dark Wave but not Electrifying Bowl Movements.
  • Cybergoth: That's not what EBM stands for, and you know it. Our music has its roots in yours; Its just more evolved.
  • Eldergoth: No. Goth was begotten by Glam and Punk, not those bald guys in VNV Nation.
  • Cybergoth: Well what about Depe-
  • Eldergoth: /GASP!
  • Cybergoth: che
  • Eldergoth: DON'T you claim them, you WHORE!
  • Cybergoth: Mmmm-
  • Eldergoth: Don't you finish that French phrase!
  • Cybergoth: Ooooooooooooo-
  • Eldergoth: By Lucifer's beard! I'm going to write SUCH a poem about you!
  • Cybergoth: I'll troll your blog.
  • Eldergoth: I'LL TROLL YOU IN HELL!

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  1. Camera: Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL

oh gawd fuckin’ gorgeous!!! *__*

If I could get away with looking like this, I would. <3

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