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Favorite Final Fantasy Female — Yuna

Admittedly, Yuna is one of the most beloved characters in the series, not just for her resolve and willingness to sacrifice herself, but also her realistic nature. Despite being so heroic in the things she does, she’s still just a simple girl with a big heart and an eagerness to help others. Her development is human and healthy, as she goes from a gentle, soft spoken and selfless summoner to a playful, optimistic and confident sphere-hunter.

From the very start, Yuna accepts her fate as a summoner of Yevon, blindly following the teachings of old in order to help thousands of strangers she has never even met. Even as others begged her not to, the teen held herself high and kept her resolve to go on with such a frightening feat. Finding out the truth of her religion, she stands up against the endless sorrow and false hope that had been given to Spira for a thousand years, and puts an end to it alongside her beloved guardians.

Losing the person most dear to her, Yuna rides the bandwagon with Rikku to become a sphere hunter in hopes of finding him. Although she is more playful and confident, the gunner is still kind, selfless and gentle. When trouble comes to Spira once more, she hesitantly allows herself to be its savior once again, not wanting to get so wrapped up as she did when she was a summoner.

Yuna teaches us many things that can be applied to our own lives. Sometimes, you need to do things for yourself to be happy. Never hesitate to help others, as the smiles you bring them is always worth the trouble. Never give up or stand down, even when things seem hopeless. Go to great lengths to make great things happen. The messages she sends us are countless, and that is why I love her so dearly.

Despite her countless tales of heroism and good deeds, she’s still just a normal girl: very sweet, fun-loving, naive, overly trusting, shy and reckless. Another great message she delivers to us— even the most simple of persons can do something extra-ordinary.