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I'm Ashley.
I'm 22 and I am an illustrator and a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts.
I am a Pisces, an INFJ, and I stan for FFIX so hard. No shame.
In this blog you can expect to see whatever I feel like posting because I decided it's too hard to try and categorize this thing further than "inspiring art and badass clothing mixed with politics".
My favorite things are books and painting, and I love music of most any kind though lately I have been especially addicted to Nightwish and Loreena McKennitt.
I also have an art blog, which can be found at
Feel free to check it out, promote me, and what have you.
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Feeling paranoid that I actually have a life-threatening disease is exactly why I don’t like looking for info to body questions on the Internet.

Frequent headaches? You most likely have a BRAIN TUMOR AND ARE GOING TO DIE


At least the perpetual tiredness one I knew: My anemia and shitty diet, so no surprises there.

But seriously it’s like do you have X random ailment that bothers you sometimes?


  1. i-nerdgasm said: HAHAHA! Your first mistake is looking up any illness on the internet. The internet is full of fucking lies.
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